Inexpensive Home Facelift – By Jon Roberts

I have been contacted by several potential clients during the last six months who are interested in updating the exterior of their home or who are purchasing an existing home.  In most of these cases the homeowners are satisfied with the size, functionality and location of their homes but have become dissatisfied with or tired of the exterior style.  The customer purchasing an existing home is doing so because it is located in a great area, has a mature landscape and generally meets their needs.

 In 2009 we worked to complete a facelift on a home in Coupeville.  The owners of the home needed to replace the roof and add insulation to their 25 year old home. They decided to take advantage of the federal government’s energy credit, reduce their federal income taxes and update the style of their home at the same time.  Although no new heated square footage was added, the new entry porch on the front of the existing house totally transformed the streetscape of the home.  See the before and after photos at Cascade Custom Homes – Click on RENOVATIONS – Morgenstern.

 Another couple simply wanted to rid their home of the old drafty wood fireplace and replace it with a fuel efficient gas fireplace.  At the same time, we replaced all of the old aluminum windows with super energy efficient vinyl windows.  This renovation was made more affordable by the energy tax credits available to the homeowner.

 Many buyers still don’t understand the tax credit or realize it is available to them.  Visit energystar and energy for more information about the available credits.

Article written by Jon Roberts, Cascade Custom Homes, owner