Langley WA Celebrates with a Centennial Mystery

The beautiful “Village by the Sea” is 100 years old, and for 29 of those years, Mystery Weekend has been brightening up the last weekend in February for locals and visitors alike.  South Whidbey resident Loretta Martin does a masterful job of creating a tale of intrigue and deception that is challenging for even the most calculating sleuths but designed to be fun for the whole family.

This weekend fact, fiction and Langley history are intermingled in a saga of humor, romance, greed and, of course, murder! As told in the annually published “Langley Gazette Newspaper” that those hoping to solve the crime will receive “Langley was long thought to have elected the first all woman run city government in the U.S. (though that has recently been disputed).  What cannot be argued with is that immediately after the U.S. Congress passed the 19th Amendment, the women of Langley answered the “menfolks’” challenge and took over the city government.  As history tells it the women of Langley had been complaining for years about the awful conditions in the town and what they considered the mismanagement of the city government.  One day the menfolk told the ladies that, “If you think you can do a better job then try it!”  And the ladies did!”

When fictitious character Samuel Myser heard that, he decided the story of Langley’s All Woman Government would make a great basis for a revival of his favorite movie form, the rollicking western musical.  SGM Productions has come to Langley to bring this, “funny and inspiring piece of history,” to the big screen. That means locals and internationally famous celebrities have arrived to vie for roles in what promises to be a blockbuster! Unfortunately for Mr. Myser, he met an untimely demise that threatens production and the future careers of discovered, and as yet undiscovered, stars.

And so the Mystery begins.  At 9AM on Saturday morning potential sleuths will be cueing up outside the Chamber of Commerce office on Anthes Avenue to pay the entrance fee for a clue map and a copy of the ‘hot off the press’ Langley Gazette.  From there, they will set off throughout the town collecting clues and interviewing suspects who can be found around town trying to determine who the villainous perpetrator could be. At noon on Saturday, the Coroner’s Report will be read providing additional information garnered from the thorough Crime Scene Investigation performed by Langley’s coroner Guss Gruesome.

Once the weekend detectives have identified who they think is the guilty party, the name is dropped off at the chamber office anytime Saturday or Sunday before the solution is revealed in a drawing room scene at the Langley Middle School auditorium on Sunday afternoon. The perpetrator is led away in handcuffs and everyone is entered in the drawing for prizes provided by local merchants as a Thank You for participating in this annual thriller.

What a great way to spend a winter weekend on beautiful Whidbey Island!