Windermere Coupeville cleans up Fort Casey State Park

Windermere Real Estate’s Coupeville office chose Fort Casey State Park for the annual Windermere Community Service Day project which took place last Friday, June 15th.

During a very beautiful and sunny day, the Windermere team cleaned up fifty picnic table surfaces and cement pads underneath the tables.

We also did some general weed trimming in the family picnic area.   Now the family picnic area is ready for a busy summer season!


  1. Ken Davidson says:

    I would like to thank the people that took the time and effort in the clean up of Fort Casey State Park. I was stationed with VA=145 at NAS Whidbey Island 1968 – 1969 and visited the Fort many times. At that time the entire area was open to the public so I was able to visit all the different areas and room at leisure. My friends and I would talk about the history of the Fort and look out over the water and you could imagine what it would be like if an enemy ship had entered the area. A lot of fond memories were share there. I was glad when it became a state park so it would get the care and respect it and the men that served there deserved. Thank you from a Navy Veteran